We Repair All Major Brands of Telescopes!Optically and Electronically: We Guarantee a 2 week turn around time or less*.

(*does not include shipping time or parts ordering or a loss cause instrument) one that you tried to repair.

Specializing in Board level repair of Meade classic lx200 from 275.00

Meade GPS and Celestron Nexstar from 289.00

Optical cleaning and collimation, all SCT

Optical Cleaning and Collimation (alignment)

SCT Cleaning 125.00-200.00 3-8 inches

SCT Collimation 75.00-150.00  ( larger scopes 10″ plus require calibration on actual stars) this adds to the cost as these scopes require cool down time  of 2 hrs or more
We clean and collimate the following brands

Questar, Maks, Orion Mak, Meade and Celestron SCT  each scope is different and prices vary by size. **Please note for SCT telescopes 10inch or more Cleaning and Collimation  are extra, as the weight is over 50lbs.

Antique restoration.

Cost vary from $100 to $1000.00




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