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For Orion, Hardin, Antares, DBA, Zhummel* : Dobsonian Telescopes

Our new version of Scope-Gripp is machined from ABS plastic and works the same as our original version at less cost.

  1. Fine tuning balance for heavier eyepieces and binoviewers: We use four vane “Phenolic handles” with Teflon washers on each side, to allow the user to fine tune the amount of tension to the altitude bearings.
  2. Smoothness of altitude movement: “ABS” has a lubricity between Delrin and Nylon, its just right smoothness will not scratch the plastic bearing material.
  3. Set up and break down time: Scope-Gripp II is slotted so moving the OTA in and out of the cradle is a breeze, just back off the handles a few turns and lift.

Orion Dob with Stratus eyepiece

Close-up ScopeGripp

newergrip2 660





Installation is easy!

  1. Remove the springs and screws.
  2. Place the Scope-Gripp II over the bottom hole and align slot with top hole. 
  3. Add original knobs or our upgrade knobs.
  4. Adjust tension to fit your needs.

Orion, Hardin, Antares, DBA and Zhummel Scope* ( see note below)

ScopeGripp II for 8 inch Dob

ScopeGripp II for 10 inch Dob

ScopeGripp II for 12 inch Dob

Zhummel Special Notes: Zhummel Dobs are a very good value for the money. We do not carry them, but do support these telescopes with all of our upgrade kits. Since they are a new company, some of the hardware and cradle sizes vary; therefore ,if you are ordering Scope-Gripp II for a Zhummel scope ,order Gripps one size up and please email me to verify (Gripp knob spacing), or order Scope-Gripp I (please see photo below).

Thank You,
Tony C

This and all of our products are proudly made in the USA.

3Warranty: on all machined parts and handles 5 years.

The Scope-Gripps work great! I’m using them on a 10″ Hardin, and have a finder scope, Tetrad, 2″ Barlow and a 2″ 15mm eyepiece attached. The Scope-Gripps keep the scope right where I put it! No drift or sag. In fact, I was able to loosen them to make the movement a little smoother and they still held tight! After observing, just a couple of turns and the scope comes right out of the rocker box. A great product! Wish I had thought of it!

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