Collimation Upgrade Kits for Dobs.


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Many moderately priced telescopes have very good optics and are a very good buy for the money. What they lack is mechanical integrity, smoothness and fine machining work that would make these scopes a lot more expensive: Astronomy Shoppe to the rescue!!

We have several kits from focus upgrades to collimation, and these kits will work on the following telescopes : Meade LightBridge, Celestron StarHopper, Synta Skywatcher, Orion SkyQuest, Hardin DeepSky, DBA DSO, Zhummel

Some of these instruments will benefit from minimum upgrades while others will benefit from a complete “KIT”.

Collimation Screws and Kits
A Word about Collimation: Proper collimation only requires 3 screws. The so-called locking screws available on commercially made scopes should be placed next to the collimation screws if they are to be considered locking screws for the collimation knobs. Screws placed 60 degrees apart rather than 120 degrees apart will not act as a locking screw, but rather another collimation screw that will adversely affect proper collimation. These so called locking screws are in fact really support screws, and should be used as such and NOT relied upon as any sort of adjustment. Using these screws as an adjustment may in fact warp the primary mirror cell.

Our “collimation kits” make it possible to use only 3 screws for proper and perfect collimation causing less strain to the primary mirror cell, our springs are stainless steel precision ground so they are perpendicular to the mirror for even support. The locking screws should only be used as a strain relief for the primary mirror cell.

NEW: Upgrade kit for Orion 8″ Dob includes, springs, secondary screws and collimation knobs

  • NEW: Upgrade kit for Collimation Upgrade Kit for Skywatcher  Dob includes, Brass Primary and Stainless screws ,Stainless Precison  Springs,  Secondary Knobs that are large enough to turn with gloves on. ( but not enough to be in the FOV) .



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Skywather upgrade kit

Secondary Knobs2


DobKit for Skywatcher 8″ dob.  $54.99

Priority Shipping $ 7.30




DobKit for Orion 8″ dob.  $48.99

$52.99 USPS Priority $6.99

Order complete Kits or Individual parts as listed below

Secondary Collimation Knobs: (Meade, Celestron, Orion, Antares, DBA, and Hardin Telescopes.)


         Secondary Knobs2                       

These secondary collimation knobs go on very easy and are a cinch to use. Get perfect collimation in the field every time

1)Secondary Collimation Knobs (set of three)
$22.99 USPS Priority $7.30

2)Precision Collimation Springs(Stainless Steel) 26lbs load each spring)

These work great and carry a heavier load than what is currently available anywhere else. Each spring carries a 26lb load and a 66lb load at 1/8 inch deflection. Will fit all older style ***Meade LightBridge mirror cells, Celestron, DBA, Zhummel, Antares, and are included with all of our upgrade kits.

*** Meade has recently changed the mirror cell, please email before purchase for info.

Primary Precision Collimation Springs , Set of three
$22.99 USPS Priority $6.99


MEADE: Rescue and Upgrade Kits! (All kits come with teflon washers!) *** Attention Meade has changed the size of the primary screws to 6mm on some of the 10″ and 12″ lightbrige Scopes please verify before ordering.

Basic Kit: Primary and Secondary knobs only (Meade)
$39.99 USPS Priority $7.30

Meade Rescue Kit : Primary and Secondary Collimation Screws, springs and washers, fits 8, 10, 12Lightbridge.
$54.99 USPS Priority $7.30


Orion Upgrade Kit : Secondary knobs only $22.99 USPS Priority $7.30

Orion dobs are made very well and only require an upgrade for the secondary knob in 10-14′ dob

***** Zhummel Special Notes

Zhummel Dobbs are a very good value for the money; we do not carry them, but do support these telescopes with all of our upgrade kits. Since they are a new company, some of the hardware sizes vary; therefore, if you are ordering a collimation kit for a Zhummel scope, email me to verify which size primary screws to send.

Zhummel Upgrade Kit (7mm) Primary and Secondary Collimation Screws, Springs $58.99***** USPS Priority $7.30

Zhummel Upgrade Kit (6mm) Primary and Secondary Collimation Screws, Springs $58.99 ****

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