Scope 101 and Scope 101+

Scope 101 – $35.00 Consultation Service



If you are looking to buy a first telescope, we will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice. We will explain

  • How ALL telescopes works
  • Which is the most economical to buy
  • What you can expect to see with it
  • Provide you with the information on how to purchase the telescope that best suit your needs, regardless of brand.
  • Even if we don’t carry the model you want, we will provide you with vendor information to purchase the telescope at the best price and best support.
  • We suggest telescope dealers/vendors because they are sold by people in the know, and not a robot controlled warehouse.

Anthony Costanzo has been in the business of repairing telescopes of all brands and all makes since 1985.  I also hold over 58 certifications to fix and repair computer systems from every manufacturer . we have repaired system for, University of Denver,University of Texas, National Solar Observatory, and Raytheon.




Scope 101+ – $65.00 Consultation Service ++
Includes the above listed consultation, plus:

  • We provide a telescope from our inventory, or order it from one of our suppliers.
  • The $65.00 goes towards the purchase of the telescope.
  • Along with the purchase, we will teach you about the telescope, how to use it, inspect the optics, inspect the computer system, and teach you how to use it.

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