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Unitron Drives

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Unitron Drive
Unitron Drive


Images of Model 128 Unitron EQ Drive and Mount
This is a low cost solution for Unitron Mounts. Original drives are no longer available. You can now track and slew forward and reverse (RA only). This unit is plug and play, and has an accuracy of 95% (better than most commercially available drives). I hand craft and test each one. No modifications, no hassle. “I have found that with a drive, one can really appreciate the quality of Unitron optics. In side by side comparisons, Unitron out-performed larger modern achromatic instruments on planetary viewing. No secondary color, velvet black background, simply amazing.” T.C.
The Key Benefits
Add tracking to your mount without modifications
Use all original hardware to mount the drive
Images of Model 142 and152 Unitron Mount and Drive
unitron 128 drive
Unitron bevel gear and RA knob connecters are machined to strict tolerances, insuring smooth rotation to the worm gear (no sloppy movement or binding). Our unique “Pipe” system on the four inch model has a bronze press-fit bushing. The spindle rotates smoothly and stays against the bevel gear. Each unit is fully adjustable in both axes and we provide you with all the necessary information for worm gear adjustment to insure smooth installation and operation. Finally, all of our brackets are anodized aluminum and all of the hardware is brass and stainless steel.
Clear skies!!
Tony Costanzo

The Unitron company was quite unresponsive in my requests from a retrofitted drive. Your drive system provides the solution I have been seeking for years. The FOV on M22 was .656 degrees or about 40 arc minutes. This was achieved with a 12mm Nagler (82 deg. apparent FOV) 1500mm (FL of scope) / 12mm eyepiece = 125X 82 deg. apparent FOV / 125X = .656 deg. true FOV (or about 40 arc minutes). The “SEDS” site describes M22 as having an apparent dimension of 32.0 arc minutes (the 4″ aperture of the Unitron may not have quite shown the full extent of this globular cluster). But, the point is that M22 almost filled the FOV, and the cluster remained completely within the FOV for over an hour and a half.
Thanks again,
David Morgan


Hello Tony,
Your Unitron drive arrived in perfect order. It is beautiful, much more than what I was expecting! If I had the original AC drive, I would still replace it
with one of your drives, much preferring to have a battery-operated drive.
Barry Kawaguchi
Yokohama, Japan


When I placed my order to Tony about a motor drive for my 4″ f/15 Unitron/Polarex refractor, I never thought I was going to receive such incredible setup!
When I received the package in Spain after few days, I opened the box and I found:
– Drive motor, bracket, spindle (pre-assembled)
– Hand controller and battery pack
– Bevel gear
Everything was very well protected. I unpackaged everything and following Tony’s instructions, it was very easy to install in my Unitron/Polarex mount. Just touching 2 small screws in the base of the spindle shaft, I was able to perfectly adjust the bevel gear and the pre-assembled drive interface.
I replaced the original battery pack with a small 6v 3.2Ah battery that fits perfectly in the original black battery pack cover.
I was really very excited to test the new setup at night! So, before saying goodbye to the sun, I started to prepare all the equipment. When I started to see the Polar, I proceed with the Polar alignment and to power on the motor drive. Then, it was time for the great test. I pointed to Betelgeuse and slowly, I started to increase the current magnification until 250x. I centered the star in my astrometric eyepiece (54º AFOV/250x = 0.216 deg = around 13 arc minutes) and I started to wait. After more than 30 minutes, the star was in the field of view! It was wonderful.
So, definitively, I can assure that this solution offered by Astronomy-Shoppe is a great purchase. You will not be disappointed at all.
Thanks Tony for your continuous support. Congratulations for this amazing product!
Best wishes,
Daniel Corredor
Moonfish Group

Unitron/ Polarex model 128

Price $329.99

Unitron /Polarex model 142
Price $329.99

Unitron/Polarex Model 152
Price $349.99

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