Unitron Adapters

New:   2″ Adapters for Unitrons and Polarex

2 inch 1

2 inch adapter for 4, 5 and 6″ Unitrons

Price: 99.00 plus shipping 8.99

New:  1.25  Adapters for Unitrons and Polarex

1.25 1

collection 2

Adapter 4

This product is made of polished aluminum and replaces the original  type .96 pressure adapter with a 1.25 adapter and locking screw.  (Brass)

Price: 79.00 plus shipping 6.99


This and all our Products are “Made in USA”

 NEW :Unihex Adapters
Original Unihex A five .96 adpater and one 1.25 adapter
Updated replacement adapter 1.25 with Brass insert


Unihex with replace adapter, One original was left for the 40mm
A little overkill but you get the point!

Hybrid 2

This will also turn the diagonal into a hybrid.

Price: 59.00 plus shipping 7.99

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