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Helio Pod II

helio pod 2 scope
helio pod 2 scope

The sun is one of the most difficult things to find
This Solar finder may be used with a variety of scopes.

Price: $14.00 + 6.99 Shipping

If buying more than one please email

Smartphone Interface with Central Rail Adapter

Binocular setup
Binocular setup

Price: $59.99 +12.95 shipping

Smartphone interface with Dovetail Adapter

Cell Phone on Telescope
Cell Phone on Telescope

Price: $59.99+12.95 Shipping

Information on using smart-phones :
The cell phone does not computerize your telescope, it is simply an object locator. Accuracy varies with phone types
and software. The best use is for general location of an object using low power or binoculars for the best performance.


Orion Multi-Coated Filter and Lens Cleaner Fluid

Price $14.00+6.99 Shipping


Lens Pen

$15.00+ 6.99 shipping

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