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Our Award wining products

DobStand” “ScopeTote”

Our Original Products:

Unitron Drives: Add a drive to any Unitron , Models 128, 142, 152.

ScopeScout II: Make any telescope a computerized object locator

ScopeTotes: Lift your Dobs and refractors with ease , customize sizes available (Sky and Telescope 2007 award )

Dob Kits: Easy collimation for Dobs Meade Rescue Kits, Orion Upgrade Kits

Bino-Brac Universal: Add a Red-dot finder, Camera or SkyScout to any binocular

ScopeGrips: Get rid of springs and counterweights.

DobStand: Bring your dob to a new height! (Astronomy magazine starproduct award 2012)

PhoneBrac: Use your Smartphone to locate any object in the sky with your binocular or telescope

All our products are made locally with materials made in the USA. Quality goes into our products, materials, and labor; not fancy packaging. Our repairs and upgrades are performed by local technicians, and we purchase all our parts in the USA from American vendors. When you buy from Astronomy-Shoppe, you help out our economy both locally and nationally.

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