Olde School Optics

New Item, C-90 with 1.25 adapter 379.00 plus shipping.

New Item 1971 Vintage Questar 2200.00  original Erfle eps  excellent optics better than 10th wave , solar filter for finder, solar filter. ( no original manual ) new manual available for 29.00 dollars



SOLD !!!

Very clean, excellent optics , case, two eyepieces  power cord.

250.00 SOLD!!



All of the Classic  scopes in this section are functional , and have been  inspected optically and optimized mechanical. All the Wooden legs have the original finish except were noted.   All paint is original, not touched up, all mounts have been cleaned and lightly lucubrated  Optics have been  cleaned on two surfaces but not taken apart , (unless there was mold in between the lens), these scopes are a joy to use, but are delicate. Therefore, these instruments are NOT intended for beginners and we will not sell them as such. Please feel free to ask questions, try the scopes and come into the showroom .

We also purchase older instruments in need of service or repair

Please contact tcostanzo@astronomy-shoppe.com


Each scope has been tested optically for alignment and quality.

Each Scope will have a report on condition,or any problems or concerned. Just click on the photo ( under construction)

Updated may 22, 2016


Currently Available and in stock :

Zeiss te,ementor 63mm complete with mount  900.00  SOLD

Quantum 4″ great condition, fully funtionals with case  2000.00 SOLD

Questar standard 1971 all original and serviced by questar  2200.00 SOLD

Questar BB 1969CV  with eyepieces serviced by questar  2800.00

Goto Optic 60mm f 20  , three eyepieces.eq mount cases  SOLD

Orange c-90   1.25 adapter and diagonal       379.00

Vintage eyepieces made in Japan or USA
Galoc 10.5 155
Galoc 16.3 160
Galoc 28 Ortho 160
TV 4.8 Nagler with Eye Cup 130
TV 7mm Nagler with Eye Cup 140
tv 17 plossl 90
tv 21 plossl 95
Ultima 18 with Eye Cup 110
Ultima 12.5 with Eye Cup and Box 85
Ultima 30 90
Ultima 42mm 99.75
celestron 7mm ortho 75

















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